GOT7’s Jinyoung Would Love For This Video To Be Removed From The Internet

He wants it gone!

It’s completely understandable why this was his answer.

GOT7‘s Jinyoung recently was photographed for Marie Claire Korea.

GOT7’s Jinyoung | @marieclairekorea/Instagram

Jinyoung also filmed a balance game interview with Marie Claire Korea‘s official YouTube channel. For each of the questions, he was given two options to pick between.


Jinyoung picked between the Gyaru peace sign and the regular peace sign.

| Marie Claire/Youtube

He also answered whether or not he’d prefer to live only eating bread or never eating bread again.

| Marie Claire/Youtube

One question asked what video Jinyoung would prefer to have removed from the internet….

| Marie Claire/Youtube

…..and it was none other than the Dream High 2 dance battle between him and GOT7’s leader Jay B!

| Marie Claire/Youtube

The scene is a favorite among the other members and fans, with the pair having been requested to reenact it many times over the years.

| Dream High Two/Youtube
| Dream High Two/Youtube

The video has become a meme across the fandom as a throwback to the pair’s JJ Project days.

The video in question is 10-years-old, which makes it understandable why Jinyoung would want it deleted forever!

Check out the full interview below: