GOT7’s Jinyoung Wishes An NCT U Song Could’ve Been Theirs

No wonder it’s a favorite among idols and fans alike.

After releasing their newest mini-album DYE along with a music video for title track “Not By The Moon”, GOT7 appeared on MBC‘s radio show Noon Song Of Hope.

In a segment of the show, host Kim Shin Young asked the group if there was a song they wish they could try out for themselves, “Honestly, have you ever wanted another group’s song?”

Since the group has a specific color, Jinyoung initially said, “I think GOT7 is good at energetic songs, so 2PM‘s ‘Go Crazy’.”

Because the song was one from the seniors of their company JYP Entertainment, the rest of the members urged him to pick another song from another artist.

Jinyoung had another song ready, one from their juniors at SM Entertainment. He chose a favorite among idols and fans alike, “If I choose from another group, it’d be NCT‘s song called ‘BOSS’.”

He explained that NCT U fit the concept well and made it look “really cool.” If GOT7 were to try it out for themselves, their own color would put a different twist on it, showing something new.

Out of all the songs he could’ve chosen, he definitely picked one fans of both groups never would’ve imagined but would love to see. No wonder it’s such a popular song among idols.

Listen to Jinyoung mention wanting to snatch up the song for themselves here.

Source: Naver