If GOT7 Weren’t Idols, This Is What They Would Be Doing Now

Can you picture GOT7 doing these jobs?

During an interview with iHeartRadioGOT7 discussed several topics, including their tour, their favourite music, and their alternate career choices.


When host Ellie Lee asked GOT7 what they would be doing if they hadn’t become K-Pop stars, the members had very different answers.


Yugyeom was the first to reply. He said that singing has been his dream since the very beginning. It was all he could imagine himself doing.

“My first dream [was to be a] singer.” — Yugyeom


At first, BamBam didn’t know what his alternate career would be, but after Ellie Lee suggested a slew of options (surfer, meditator, business owner) BamBam settled on being a zookeeper.

“I might work in a zoo. I like animals.” — BamBam


After hearing this answer, Yugyeom jokingly said that BamBam just wants to be young and rich.

“Just young and rich.” — Yugyeom


Youngjae was the third member to answer. He said that his first dream wasn’t to be an idol; it was actually to be a music doctor.

“Music doctor. It’s my first dream.” — Youngjae


JB would have continued to be a b-boy, since that’s what he started out as. He told the interviewer that he began b-boying all the way back in middle school.

“I was [a] b-boy.” — JB


Like BamBam, Mark was uncertain what to say at first because he hadn’t given his other career options much thought.

“I’ve never thought about it.” — Mark


Since Mark didn’t have an answer, his members made some comical suggestions. BamBam said that Mark could be “a free man in LA”.

“No job, but rich,” Jinyoung added.


Jinyoung and Jackson didn’t get the chance to answer the career question, but they did end the interview with messages for love for iGOT7.

“Thanks for having our backs. We will work harder.” — Jackson


“We couldn’t be here without you guys. Thanks,” Jinyoung added.


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