GOT7’s Mark Needed Some Help With His Thai So BamBam Came To His Hyung’s Aid

He made sure Mark nailed it like a boss!

Although GOT7‘s BamBam loves to tease his hyungs, he’s always got their backs and is ready to step in and help them out when they need it. So when Mark needed a little help with his Thai pronunciation, BamBam was ready to make sure he nailed it!


As a new presenter for Vivo, Mark recently joined his fellow presenter BamBam for the Vivo V17 Pro launch event in Thailand. During the interview portion of the event, BamBam and Mark got to talk about everything from being presenters together to their favorite filters!


As the interviews were wrapping up, the reporters had one more question for them. They wanted to know if BamBam has been teaching Mark some Thai! BamBam immediately revealed that he has been tutoring Mark…

I’ve recently been teaching Mark some Thai words for work!

— BamBam


Before Mark launched right in and showed off some of those Thai skills with a phrase BamBam had recently taught him.


His pronunciation was slightly off, however, so BamBam asked everyone to wait a few seconds, leaned in to coach Mark on the phrase, and finally guided him through it once again!


And after BamBam had helped him out, he encouraged Mark to say it once again and gave it his final stamp of approval!


Seeing BamBam helping Mark through his pronunciation and knowing that he’s been teaching Mark some new Thai phrases has been melting everyone’s heart and giving some serious feels.


There’s no doubt BamBam is always there to help his hyungs out when they need it! Check out the sweet moment and more in the video below: