GOT7’s Mark Couldn’t Resist Teasing BamBam About His Smelly Hands After Hearing His Shrimp Story

The whole shrimp story is making fans lol:

Bringing their signature high-energy, GOT7 once again delivered flawless performances, fun ments, and plenty of GOT7 awesomeness to Berlin on their Keep Spinning tour. Although there were many amazing moments from the concert, there’s one moment in particular that Ahgase are still laughing about.


During the concert, BamBam wanted to share a very unique story with fans and after explaining that GOT7 had some free time in the city, he revealed that he had decided to hit up the restaurant across the street from their hotel.

We got one day of free time in Berlin. Yesterday, I went to a restaurant in front of my hotel and ordered a lot of food but then the guys that work there came to me and asked how old I am. I was like, yeah, okay, 46!

— BamBam


After ordering up a whole bunch of food and satisfying the workers’ curiosity, BamBam got down to snacking on all that delicious food. But all that food came with a bit of a unique price — a shrimpy smelling hand!

And then I ate some shrimp. Shrimp, you know, shrimp. Not going to lie, my hand still smells today! I ate so much my hand still smells!

— BamBam


Not missing a beat, Mark realized it was the perfect opportunity to troll BamBam about his smelly hands and went for it!

That means you didn’t shower! You stinky boy!

— Mark


Meanwhile, BamBam tried hard to dispell his embarrassment as Jackson hilariously assured everyone that BamBam had taken a shower!

It’s okay. It’s okay. I just want to make sure everybody knows BamBam showered, okay?

— Jackson


After Jackson helped to assure fans, BamBam decided to roll with the stinky persona and told fans his smelly hands would remind him of his time in Berlin!

I ate so much my hands still smell but then, that’s a good sign. So even when I leave Berlin, if my hand still smells I still think about Berlin. Because of the shrimp!

— BamBam


But Mark still wasn’t done with BamBam and teasingly told him he should never wash his hand! In response, BamBam jokingly promised to continue the smelly experience in Paris too!

Okay, okay. So I go to Berlin, I eat shrimp, my hand still smells, right? Next week we go to Paris, I’m going to eat some pasta with my bare hands and I’m not going to wash my hands. I’m just joking!

— BamBam


Meanwhile, Ahgase are absolutely loving his hilarious shrimp story and all of Mark’s teasing and can’t stop cracking up over the whole thing!