GOT7 Mark’s Brother Joey Tuan Shares Relatable Story Of Trying To Hang Out With BamBam

Joey finally got to hang out with BamBam and his cats!

Joey Tuan, content creator and brother of GOT7‘s Mark, recently visited South Korea with his girlfriend, Abby who also is a Twitch streamer. When fans heard of this, they hoped that they would have the chance to meet up with BamBam. Having now returned home, Joey has revealed that he did see BamBam!

Joey Tuan | @joeytuan/Instagram

He shared during a Twitch stream that the process of coordinating with BamBam was not easy, although it was BamBam’s idea. BamBam had seen a tweet from Joey that announced the trip, so he messaged him on KakaoTalk, suggesting that they hang out.

| joeytuan/Twitch

When Joey told BamBam that he was free any weekday next week, BamBam said he was too busy! From there, Joey said, “Whenever you have time, just let me know if you’re free and want to meet up.” BamBam told him that he would keep updated.

Come next week, I messaged him, ‘Did you find out when you’re going to be free?’ And he was like… Well, actually he didn’t respond.

— Joey

| joeytuan/Twitch

Joey went for a while without hearing from him until suddenly, one night, BamBam messaged him, “Tonight is the night!” It was already past 9 PM, and the 10 PM curfew was approaching, so Joey wondered what they could possibly do.

We (Abby and her friend) were eating and drinking tea, and BamBam at 9 PM texts me. He’s like, ‘Joey! Tonight is the night!’ And I’m like, ‘What?! Bro, everything closes in an hour. How are you going to tell me at 9 PM you’re free today?’

— Joey

BamBam, whose schedule finished early, ended up inviting Joey over to his place. Of course, Joey then got to meet all of BamBam’s cats despite being allergic. Luckily, BamBam had allergy medicine on hand.

From left: BamBam, Joey, Abby | @abigatorrr_/Twitter

Maybe it’s because Joey is biased towards hypoallergenic cats, but he revealed that his favorite cat was definitely Latte!

His cats are so, so cute, especially Latte. I might like him the most because he’s naked, hairless, hypoallergenic cat. Also, he has the most personality out of all of them. He lets me touch them whereas the other cats just are curious but don’t really let you get to them.

— Joey

Joey said that he hopes to go on another trip within the next couple of years, hopefully continuing to explore Asia. He did say, however, that his brother would like to go to Switzerland.

Check out a clip below:

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