GOT7 Mark’s Dad May Just Be Their Best Concert Promoter

Mark’s dad is Mark’s biggest fan and could be one of the best GOT7 promoters!

GOT7 Mark’s dad may be the best and most passionate promoter of GOT7!

Source: Twitter


Mark’s father, a.k.a. Papa Tuan, has tweeted a photo of himself posting GOT7 concert flyers at a restaurant.


In response to this cute gesture, fans have been encouraging him on and praising him for being the best papa ever.


Papa Tuan even takes his time to respond to fans’ comments with a great sense of humor.


This isn’t the first time Papa Tuan has promoted GOT7 either. He’s continued to retweet updates on tickets, dates, times, etc.


His public affection for his son and GOT7 doesn’t stop there. Many of his tweets include references to his son, GOT7, and Ahgases.


His down-to-earth, loving personality has made fans fall in love with Papa Tuan himself. The hashtag #papatuan has been trending for some time now and there’s even a Twitter page dedicated to Papa Tuan’s tweets!


It’s not hard to see why fans love him since his cute and heartwarming posts are endless!


Kudos to Papa Tuan for being such a supportive father and awesome GOT7 promoter!