Mark Tuan Finally Reveals His GOT7 Bias And It Might Not Be Who You Expected

One person might not be too happy with his choice!

One of the hardest things about being a K-Pop fan is choosing your bias in a group. With so many outstanding members in each, it is almost impossible to pick just one, yet so many do, and it can be one of the toughest decisions a fan makes.

A group where it is definitely hard to pick a bias is GOT7! All of the members are talented, handsome, and full of charisma, that it must be impossible to choose.

The members of GOT7 | @got7.with.igot7/ Instagram

Yet, it seems as if it’s easier for K-Pop idols to pick their own bias, especially if it’s in their own group. Recently, Mark Tuan from GOT7 did an online Zoom call with fans where they were able to ask him questions and speak to him one on one.

GOT7’s Mark | @got7.with.igot7/ Instagram

One of the lucky Ahgases asked Mark, “If he was an Ahgase, who would his GOT7 bias be?” but he couldn’t choose himself. For anyone, that would be difficult, but Mark already seemed to have decided by picking Jinyoung!

Ummm… I would pick Jinyoung. I like his singing voice because it’s so soft.

— Mark

After fans found out about his pick, they couldn’t help but share some wholesome interactions between the two members. By watching all the clips, they definitely show how close the members are.

It also isn’t the first time that Mark has shown his inner Jinyoung-fanboy, and even Jackson has shown that he appreciates the friendship between the two.

Although Jinyoung might be happy about being chosen, fans pointed out that there might be one person not so happy, and that is BamBam!

Earlier in the month, BamBam appeared on SBS PowerFM‘s Cultwo Show with soloist Sunmi! During the episode, BamBam actually revealed his own bias and said that it was Mark!

It seems like BamBam’s love might not be matched by Mark, whose Ahgase heart firmly appears to belong to Jinyoung! Yet, with so many amazing members, it’s surprising that they could pick in the first place!

Source: maymei97