GOT7’s Mark And JB Fell Right Into BamBam And Youngjae’s Sneaky Plan To Avoid Dinner Duty

JB and Mark didn’t know what hit them:

There’s one rule in any mission game, trust no one, not even yourself! Which is exactly what GOT7‘s Mark and JB found out when they fell right into BamBam and Youngjae‘s brilliant plan to get out of preparing dinner!


In the encore VCR from GOT7’s Keep Spinning stop in Oakland, fans got to see some special challenges and games GOT7 had played including one game that contained a special mission to see who would have to prepare dinner!


In this particular mission, they chose something one of their fellow members was not allowed to do. Whoever lost the most points for doing the forbidden thing would have to prepare dinner for everyone else. While each of them chose something they knew the others couldn’t resist doing, Youngjae and BamBam’s chosen missions proved to be the most genius (and devious) of them all!


And unfortunately for their targets, Youngjae’s plan to get Mark to sit on the couch and BamBam’s mission to get JB to simply sit down proved to work perfectly. Mark even started off the game on the couch!


Meanwhile, JB quickly followed Mark’s lead and went from laying down to sitting too.


And although Youngjae’s plan seemed to get derailed slightly when Mark left the couch to sit on the floor…


His plan was soon back on track as Mark slid back on the couch and settled in while JB continued to seal his own fate by kicking back.


Meanwhile, the other members started losing points of their own too but as JB and Mark’s losses kept stacking up it seemed like the losers had already been determined.


When it was finally time for the game to end and everyone find out what they weren’t supposed to do, let’s just say that Mark and JB could barely believe their ears…


Although JB wasn’t surprised at all to find out who had come up with his particular mission!


With their sneaky and brilliant plan a success, BamBam and Youngjae proved that you should always expect the unexpected when it comes to mission games!