GOT7 Got Jinyoung To Take Off His Jacket And Then They Completely Lost It

Not even GOT7 could handle jacketless Jinyoung!

At the Dallas, Texas stop on their Keep Spinning tour, GOT7 left everyone breathless with their amazing energy and flawless performances. But there was one moment that didn’t just leave fans breathless, it drove the members wild too!


It all started when Mark revealed that Jinyoung had ripped his jacket because he was dancing so hard. At first, Jinyoung teased Ahgase by revealing his shoulders but thanks to the members, fans got to see Jinyoung go completely jacketless!


After Jinyoung’s shoulder reveal, Mark then turned to the crowd and asked them a very important question…if they had seen the shower scene from Jinyoung’s drama, He Is Psychometric!

Hey, you guys have seen the drama right? Did you guys see the drama? Did you see the shower scene? Everybody already saw it Jinyoung, just take it off!

— Mark


When everyone shouted their approval, everyone started chanting for Jinyoung to take it off after his members started it.


And when the jacket came off, it wasn’t just Ahgase who were feeling the effects of Jinyoung’s toned arms!

Wow! Yummy, yummy, yummy!

— GOT7


And when Jinyoung made a comment about how he was cold without the jacket on…

Actually, I’m so cold. The air conditioning is very cold.

— Jinyoung


Well, Mark had a solution to that too which would keep his arms out a little bit longer!

You’re cold? Do you want to keep dancing then?

— Mark


Can we just say a big thank you to the members for getting Jinyoung to expose his arms because, wow!