GOT7’s Mark And Jinyoung Tried Having A Peaceful Show But Yugyeom And Jackson Had Other Ideas

Mark and Jinyoung were just trying to have a relaxing “GOT2Day” episode:

GOT7‘s Mark and Jinyoung had a pretty peaceful, relaxing, and fun time together on their episode of GOT2Day…until they tried to sign off that is!


It all started when Mark and Jinyoung were trying to wrap things up and say goodbye to Ahgase. At first, everything was going extremely smoothly…


Until a wild Yugyeom appeared and showed off his musical knocking skills.


Once finished with his knocking, he had to see what his hyungs thought so he stuck his head in and proceeded to perform a little more of his new song much to Jinyoung’s dismay.


Once Yugyeom had finally left them in peace, they tried picking up their sign off once again.


But it wasn’t long until they heard something in the hall again…


And quickly found out it was Jackson with a surprise performance of his own!


Eventually, Mark and Jinyoung were able to finish up what they were trying to say and successfully signed off but not before Ahgase got a good laugh at Yugyeom and Jackson’s antics!