GOT7’s Mark Shows Affection For SEVENTEEN’s Jun With Kind Gesture

Well, this was unexpected, but still awesome!

Award shows are always a delight for K-Pop fans because many expect to see their favorite artists interact with each other. At the recent 2019 MAMA Awards, during the roll call, all the artists appeared on the stage with confetti blasting all over the stage.

As all artists were on the stage it was inevitable to spot interactions between various K-Pop artists and groups!

One interaction that stood out among fans was the one between GOT7‘s Mark and SEVENTEEN‘s Jun. While they were on stage waving at fans, Mark suddenly approached Jun to remove a confetti that fell on his hair! Jun immediately hugged Mark, and noticed that he also had some confetti on his hair. Jun did not hesitate to do the same thing for Mark!

The interaction between Mark and Jun surprised many fans because it was an unexpected duo, but also something they all love and are wishing to see more of!