GOT7’s Mark Tuan Almost Stripped While Showing New Shirt Designs During His Latest Instagram Live

“That could have been bad!”

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan held a live broadcast on Instagram yesterday. He updated fans on his recent schedule and upcoming plans.

Recently, Mark started his own clothing line, The XC3 Collection through Represent. He revealed that he is starting to work on the next designs. He said, “There’s going to be a lot more custom things…”

| Justin Nunez

He added that he is also assisting his sister, Tammy, with releasing new designs through her clothing brand, 3rd Sibling. He said that they are planning to release some colorful designs, including tie-dye for the summer.

| 3rd Sibling

Mark showed a sample shirt that Represent sent him for some of his own upcoming designs. As he was holding the shirt up for the camera to see and explaining that he has been wearing it for pajamas, he suddenly stopped.

| @marktuan/Instagram

Covering his face, Mark started laughing. He confessed, “I was about to change like right here!”

| @marktuan/Instagram

He remarked, “That could have been bad!” He laughed it off before moving on. However, viewers wouldn’t let him live it down and encouraged him to go ahead and change his shirt. Some suggested, “Change it without taking the undershirt off.” He found an even better alternative by tying it around his neck.

| @marktuan/Instagram

Check out a clip from Mark’s Instagram Live below:

Source: @marktuan and Image (1) and (2)