The Heartwarming Reason GOT7’s Mark Tuan Cries “A Lot” During Concerts

It gets him every single time.

Playing a round of Read Receipts with Seventeen magazine, GOT7‘s Mark Tuan dived into the reason he can’t help shedding a few tears during concerts.

Mark Tuan | @marktuan/Twitter

To answer the question of the last time he cried, Mark remembered being overwhelmed by thoughts and crying before bed the previous month. It wasn’t the only time he wore his emotions on his sleeve. Mark admitted, “I cry a lot during concerts too.

He gave a peek into what goes through an idol’s mind when they cry on stage. While pointing to his chest to emphasize the emotional moment, Mark said, “It just gets to you like it gets to me.

It was a touching moment where Mark was “really thankful for everybody showing up.

He voiced how valuable it was “having fans there” to share the experience. Mark finished, “Yeah, I just get emotional.

Watch Mark talk about the precious moment between him and his fans that deserves a few tears.


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