GOT7 Mark Tuan’s Dad Shares An Adorable Childhood Photo That You Need To See

One of the sweetest father-son relationships ever!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has recently gone home to California and is spending time with his family. His dad Raymond Tuan has been thrilled to have his son back with the family. As a result, he has been sharing lots of wholesome content of Mark on Twitter.

GOT7’s Mark with his dad | @linbea945/Twitter

With summer approaching and California’s weather getting warmer, they’re ready to put their pool to good use! Mark’s dad posted photos on Twitter, showing the fresh water added to the pool, and said, “Summer is coming, get new water ready for the boys.” 

| @linbea945/Twitter

Along with photos of the pool, he shared a sweet family memory with his followers. In the picture, he is in the water along with his sons, Mark and Joey, when they were much younger.

From left: Joey, Raymond, and Mark Tuan | @linbea945/Twitter

Mark’s dad has previously shared pictures of him enjoying his time at the pool during his last trip back home. Time to make some new memories!

Check out the latest post below:

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