GOT7’s Mark Tuan Suddenly Joined Yugyeom’s Instagram Live, And No One Was More Excited Than Yugyeom

Yugyeom thought Mark was BamBam for a second!

One of the luckiest fandoms in the world, iGOT7, were treated to a live broadcast by GOT7‘s Yugyeom recently. He went on Instagram Live and caught up with Ahgases.

GOT7’s Yugyeom | @yugyeom/Instagram via @tuanxcoco/Twitter

He also showed us this adorable cat sticker on his phone! Where can we buy one?

| @yugyeom/Instagram via @tiny_gyeomie/Twitter

To make things even better, a special guest made a surprise appearance in the comments during the live too! His fellow member, Mark Tuan, began to comment, getting the attention of both Ahgases and Yugyeom. He asked Yugyeom what he was doing.

| @marktuan/Instagram via @@xciii9394_/Twitter

The only one more excited to see Mark than Ahgases was probably Yugyeom. His face literally lit up when he saw Mark’s username!

Ohh Mark hyung. Mark-sshi.

— Yugyeom

Actual screenshot from the moment when Yugyeom noticed Mark’s comment for the first time. | @yugyeom/Instagram

He then revealed to the rest of the viewers that he had actually spoken to Mark just yesterday via FaceTime. Not like we would ever question their friendship, but it’s always so sweet to hear how the members keep in touch with each other!

Yesterday, I did a video call with Mark hyung. FaceTime.

— Yugyeom

| @yugyeom/Instagram

When Mark continued commenting, Yugyeom at one point thought that BamBam had joined too! This is because Mark had commented, “skrrt skrrt,” which is BamBam’s iconic catchphrase.

| @marktuan/Instagram via @thehaotuan/Twitter

Yugyeom even attempted to imitate it himself, but it was a bit of a struggle. BamBam makes it seem like it’s so easy!

Ohhhh skrrt skrrt! (laughter) I thought Mark hyung was BamBam. I thought you were BamBam. I can’t do this (rolls his R’s)!

— Yugyeom

We wish that BamBam could have joined too! Yet, Ahgases have been so well-fed these days as the members do live broadcasts.

And it’s even better when members join each other’s live broadcasts! We can’t wait for them to all be reunited again.

Check out a clip from Yugyeom’s Instagram Live featuring Mark below:

Source: @yugyeom (1) and (2)