GOT7’s Mark Saw Cute Doggo Coco During Youngjae’s Live And His Reaction Is Making Everyone Melt

Warning: Pure uwu ahead!

Ahgase are always 100% ready to see some adorable moments between GOT7‘s Youngjae and his adorable Maltese Coco but fans recently got an extra interaction with Coco’s other pet father and it’s making everyone melt!


Mark recently went live to have some fun with fans and make everyone hungry while eating bingsoo. Meanwhile, Youngjae also blessed fans with his own live along with a special guest, Coco!


When Mark found out that Youngjae had gone live too, he headed over to Youngjae’s stream and tuned in. After sending some love Youngjae’s way and giving him a shoutout on his live Mark and Youngjae already had fans melting but things got even sweeter when Mark caught sight of Coco!


First, Mark’s whole face lit up…


Before he sent Coco some sweet words through the live!

Coco! Dad is watching you!

— Mark


The adorable moment shared between them has been making Ahgase everywhere melt because it’s way too cute to handle!