GOT7’s Mark And Youngjae Talked About Their Dogs So Much Even They Were Surprised

They couldn’t help talking about their adorable puppies!

When GOT7‘s Mark and JB got together for their episode of GOT2DAY they spent quite a bit of time talking about their fur babies…but not nearly as much time as Youngjae and Mark did! In fact, Mark and Youngjae spent so much time talking about their pups that even they were surprised!


From the moment Mark and Youngjae began their latest episode of GOT2DAY together, they immediately were on the topic of their adorable dogs and even the editors of the show called their episode the “Milo and Coco Special!”


And it turned out the editors were very, very right because as Youngjae and Mark continued to talk their number one topic was, of course, Coco and Milo!


They talked about everything from potty training their pups to their strange habits and everything in between!


And the editors had so much fun pointing out how every road led back to Coco and Milo no matter what!


Even when you thought Mark and Youngjae changed tracks during the episode to talk about Golden Key


Somehow the topic turned right back to their loveable pups!


In the end, they spent almost the entire episode talking about Milo and Coco and when they realized that, well, even they were surprised!


Mark and Youngjae are definitely devoted pet parents who love their fur babies! Check out more of the Coco and Milo special below!