GOT7’s Mark Had Fans Cracking Up Hard When He Grabbed Yugyeom’s Phone During A Live…And Started Cleaning It

Well, someone’s got to make sure we get some clear Yugyeom selcas!

GOT7‘s Mark and Yugyeom recently surprised fans with a special livestream together and while they gave fans plenty of amazing moments to fall in love with, there was one moment in particular, that had fans cracking up hard!


During the livestream, Mark and Yugyeom were reacting to different music videos when suddenly Mark noticed Yugyeom’s phone sitting there and decided it needed a little tender loving care! So he reached over, grabbed his phone, and then proceeded to clean it!


As they continued listening to the music, Mark focused intently on making Yugyeom’s phone the cleanest around. He fixed the phone’s screen protector…


Made sure the camera was spotless…


And even made sure no dust or dirt was hanging around the edges!


Mark’s tough work definitely paid off because Yugyeom’s phone was as clean as ever and Yugyeom sent a whole lot of thanks to his hyung and couldn’t help admiring his spotless phone!


Meanwhile, the moment didn’t escape the notice of Ahgase had a whole bunch of reactions to the scene. From cracking up hard…


To praising Mark for being the best hyung ever while sending him a huge thank you because it meant Yugyeom would finally have clear selcas again!