GOT7’s Mark Thought 5 Rooms Would Be Enough If He Moved In With Yugyeom But He Forgot About Jackson

Looks like he’ll be adding another room to his plans:

GOT7‘s JB and Mark recently got together for their episode of GOT2DAY where they talked about everything from their fur babies to their concert and even a little housing reshuffling!


During the show, Mark suddenly revealed that he and Yugyeom had talked about moving in together along with Yugyeom’s brother once his housing contract had expired.


He further explained that they had talked about it once and Yugyeom seemed totally on board with it!


Which meant that Mark had some time to think about what it would be like living with Yugyeom and his brother. He even thought carefully about how many rooms they would need together!


With five rooms carefully chosen by Mark, his plan seemed pretty solid. The only problem was, there was one more potential roommate…Jackson! While Mark was planning the GOT2DAY editors slid in a scene from a previous episode where Jackson and Yugyeom had talked about moving in together…


And hilariously pointed out that Mark would be needing to add at least one more room to his plans!


Check out the “don’t forget about Jackson” moment as well as many more hilarious and cute moments in the video below: