GOT7 Mark’s Dad Crashes The Idol’s Live Stream With A Red Envelope

His reaction was truly precious!

Recently, GOT7‘s Mark went live on Twitch and played “Among Us” as well as chat with some fans! While the stream was great for many reasons, Mark’s dad’s sudden appearance gained a lot of love from fans!

While the stream was going normally, Mark’s dad unexpectedly opened the door. Without disturbing Mark’s stream, his father quietly walked across the room and out of the frame.

It seemed as if His father was not going to come back into the camera’s view when all of a sudden he appeared next to Mark.

Mark was, of course, caught off guard, but was then pleasantly surprised to see the two red envelopes in front of his eyes. He cutely gasped and accepted his father’s red envelopes with a smile. How cute is that?!

In celebration, Mark announced, “I got a red envelope guys!

Check out the clip below: