GOT7 Members Were Revealed To The Public PRIOR To Debut

Poor Youngjae.

GOT7 is one of the most unique groups in K-Pop due to the members coming from different backgrounds and each member having a distinct personality, such as Mark being the quiet one and Jackson being the outgoing one. An interesting fact is that most of the members were revealed pre-debut and showcased multiple talents before becoming GOT7.

1. JB and Jinyoung

JB and Jinyoung were the ones with most exposure prior to their debut with GOT7. They both were on the cast of the drama Dream High 2 where JB was one of the lead male characters and Jinyoung was more of a supporting character.

JB (Left) & Jinyoung (Right)

The two also originally debuted as a duo called JJ Project prior to their debut in GOT7.

2. Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom, and BamBam

These 4 members will be put together because they all appeared on the same program. They all appeared on the program Who Is Next Win, which was the survival show that created WINNER.

From Left (Yugyeom, BamBam, Mark, Jackson)

They appeared as JYP Entertainment trainees to have a friendly competition with the YG Entertainment trainees. They showcased their rapping and dancing abilities to the audience and impressed many.

3. Younggjae

Youngjae was the last member to selected into GOT7 and only trained for around 7 months prior to their debut. There is no official pre-debut reveal of him, but there is a clip from his audition to the company.