GOT7 Has Too Much Fun Exposing JB And Pointing Out His Bad Habits

That’s the face of a man who’s been through a lot.

GOT7 sat down for an interview with Billboard and were asked some very interesting questions. One of those questions was who would embarrass themselves in front of their crush.


Before they could answer the question, Jackson burst into laughter. Then, every single member chose JB, even himself. Mark said JB tends to overreact but that it’s cute.

Since it was something so unique, Mark told Jackson to show everyone how JB acts. And, he did to everyone’s amusement.

He even did it a second time, making Yugyeom laugh so hard he had to slap his knee. They were having a field day laughing at their leader for his cute habit. And, it didn’t end there.

When asked who was the biggest troublemaker, BamBam chose JB. He went on say that he’s always late and the rest of the group agreed wholeheartedly. He also shared that JB goes to the bathroom too much and makes them wait all the time.

BamBam’s words were so true that Yugyeom and Jackson had to stand up because it was too much. They obviously know a lot about each other, maybe more than they care to. Watch them clown their leader here.