GOT7 Revealed The Album Concept They Really Hated The Most

They would never do this concept again.

GOT7 has gone through many different concepts since their debut back in 2014, but out of all of their different experiences they are the most embarrassed by one.


During a recent interview, GOT7 were asked which album concept they would never return to. They answered, ‘Stop, Stop It’.


How could GOT7 be embarrassed by one of their hit songs? Yugyeom says you need to see it to realize why.

You’ll know if you see it.

— Yugyeom


The members originally thought their concept was sexy at first, but once they looked back on it, they realized they looked like the people who work at fish markets!

The concept was definitely sexy in our eyes, but once we saw the outfits later we realized we belonged more at a fish market.

— JB


iGOT7s had a blast during their promotions, joking around with the members about their outfits. They even photoshopped them into photos of the fish market!


Who knew GOT7 could ever be embarrassed by their amazing concepts? They own it all so well!


Watch GOT7 confess their true feelings below: