GOT7 Have Been Rocking Bead Bracelets Recently And The Reason Why Will Make You Tear Up

The story behind the bracelets is making everyone feel very emotional:

Recently GOT7 have been rocking a set of beaded bracelets. They’ve been spotted wearing them during their Spinning Top concerts, during livestreams, and even at the airport. The bracelets have been catching a lot of people’s attention and with a little detective work, fans discovered the very special and sweet story behind them.


GOT7 recently partnered with Make-A-Wish Foundation for their “Keep Spinning, Keep Dreaming with GOT7” project. Through this project, GOT7 will help root for the dreams and wishes of Ahgases who are battling terminal illnesses.


On June 15, GOT7 helped make the dream of Karime Sophia Oliva from California come true. Karime was diagnosed with pulmonary stenosis and her dream was to see GOT7 live and meet the members. But GOT7 has continued to make Karime’s dreams come true through their bracelets!


The beaded bracelets that GOT7 have been wearing were made by Karime! She designed each with the members’ favorite colors and crafted them by hand.


And since they received them, they haven’t taken them off!


As GOT7 continue to be spotted wearing the bracelets, the story behind them has also been spreading and leaving everyone feeling very emotional!


Meanwhile, GOT7 will be meeting more patients and their families through the Make-A-Wish project as their Spinning Top tour continues.