GOT7’s Song Association Game Turned Into A GOT7 Song Naming Game

They turned the whole game into a GOT7 song naming game!

GOT7 recently played a game of song association with ELLE where they had to think of any song with a given keyword but the game soon turned into an all-out GOT7 song naming game!


With 15 keywords that they to think of a song for, GOT7 had to put their thinking caps on to quickly come up with songs to go with them!


Although they started off naming songs by a number of different artists, when they were given the keyword “forever” they immediately thought of their song “Forever Young”.


Once they started thinking of their own songs…well…they just couldn’t help it!


And pretty soon, the song association game had turned into a full-blown GOT7 song naming game!


Even when they struggled with coming up with an answer for one word, Jackson hilariously tried to bluff his way to creating a new GOT7 song!

Always be by my side. By Jackson Wang right on the spot!

— Jackson


But who could blame them for transforming the game into a GOT7 game, their songs are bops! See even more of their GOT7 song naming game as well as more amazing moments in the video below: