The GOT7 Song That The Members Found “So Cringy,” According To Mark Tuan

There are many fans of the catchy song!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan recently sat down with Seventeen to film for their “Read Receipts” interview. During the interview, he opened up about his recent activities, his fellow GOT7 members, his biggest fears, and more.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | Seventeen/YouTube

For the “Read Receipts” interview, participants face the tough decision between giving honest answers to potentially difficult or “scandalous” questions or choosing to “ignore” the question and instead revealing something on their phone.

Mark answered the majority of the questions asked, opting to skip rating his favorite members of GOT7, answering that he loves them all equally. He also opted to skip questions like the most emotional song to sing from his The Other Side album and who the last person was that he kissed.

During the interview, there were a few questions Mark didn’t hesitate to answer, and one of them requested that he name his “least favorite” GOT7 song.

Mark took the question seriously, hilariously pulling out his phone to go over the group’s discography to find the one he was thinking of.

After revealing that the song was from one of the group’s earlier albums, he identified his “least favorite” song as GOT7’s “Nice,” which was featured on their third EP, Just Right.

Mark explained that the song was “so cringy” to him and that he and his fellow GOT7 members would “always make fun of that song.

The GOT7 member added that he knows fans who like the song but wonders if they like it to “make fun” of the members for not liking it.

Check out the funny moment in Mark’s “Read Receipts” interview below!