Mark’s Parents Were GOT7’s Family This Lunar New Year

The members of GOT7 were far away from their families on this Lunar New Year, but Mark‘s family in LA made up for it by making the boys feel right at home.

Mark’s dad, Raymond Tuan, is an avid GOT7 fan as he frequently posts his love and support for the boys on his Twitter. It is also no secret that he considers them all like his sons and takes good care of them when they visit Los Angeles.

The group was in LA for their “GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE IN THE USA 2017” fan meet tour, where Youngjae also got the chance to meet American Idol star, Elliot Yamin.

The tour coincided with Lunar New Year, and to make the members feel better about being so far away from their families, Mark’s family took them all out to dinner along with the JYP Entertainment staff. Jackson was not able to make it because he was unwell but Raymond made sure to inform fans that they would visit him later at the hotel.

Mark and BamBam’s families are also very close as seen when Raymond paid a visit to BamBam’s mother’s restaurant in Thailand. It’s so great to see how all of GOT7 and their parents are just one big happy family.