GOT7’s Stylist Once Tricked Jinyoung Into Wearing This Super Sexy Stage Outfit

He swore to never wear it again…

GOT7‘s Jinyoung, who is known for staying away from revealing tops at all costs, was once tricked into wearing a sexy outfit by his stylist.

According to fans, Jinyoung is not a big fan of revealing any part of his upper body. He once joked that he had made a big attempt by wearing a shirt that’s quite low-cut and it was giving him a hard time mentally.

Please don’t film this close up. It’s a big attempt. I’m having a difficult time, mentally.

— Jinyoung

In fact, he apparently doesn’t even wear short-sleeved shirts unless it’s really hot or when he’s working out. He said that showing his arms was not only embarrassing, but it also felt “empty.” On multiple occasions, Jinyoung alone covered his arms with a flannel while all the other members were wearing matching short-sleeved shirts for GOT7’s concert.

He had even added sleeves to a short-sleeved shirt to cover his arms!

Then one day, he completely shocked fans with a shocking outfit. The Jinyoung who couldn’t bear to even show his arms had worn a see-through shirt for GOT7’s performance of “Lullaby.”

When Jinyoung’s stylist first sent him a picture of the outfit, he said he didn’t know that the shirt was see-through and his stylist had tricked him into wearing it by saying that it would look so stylish!

And while he was determined not to wear anything like it again, not long after, he was seen wearing the same outfit at a concert. It seems that his stylist convinced him to wear it again!

Watch Jinyoung perform in this epic outfit below: