GOT7 Tried To Bluff Their Way To Getting A Game Point But The Game Master Wasn’t Buying It

Well, they tried!

ELLE recently invited GOT7 to play a round of song association and as a competitive group, GOT7 weren’t afraid to try to bluff their way to an answer even if the Game Master wasn’t really buying it!


The song association game only had a few rules. First, they would be given a word. Second, they would have to think of a song that had that word anywhere in the song. And lastly, they needed to do so in 10-seconds!


And with their confidence high, GOT7 quickly started getting point after point. But when they were suddenly faced with the word “perfect,” well, they were a bit stuck. So when BamBam suggested One Direction, Jackson went along with it and tried to convince the Game Master that what he was singing was One Direction!

You are so perfect. One Direction!

— Jackson


Unfortunately, Jackson’s attempts didn’t do the trick and they weren’t able to get that point but that didn’t mean they weren’t going to try again! Later, when they were presented with the word “always,” while everyone was trying to think of a song with the word, Jackson immediately jumped in and created his own song on the spot.

Always be by my side!

— Jackson


But as the seconds ticked by and GOT7 still hadn’t thought of a song other than Jackson’s brand new one, they were running out of options!


So when the buzzer rang signaling that they hadn’t given an answer, GOT7 tried their hardest to bluff their way to the point. It started with Yugyeom and BamBam pointing out that Jackson had given a song…

Jackson’s song! He just made it up right here.

— Yugyeom and BamBam


And ended with the members in fits of laughter as Jackson tried to convince the Game Master that what he had sung was a teaser for his next song!

It’s coming out next month. It’s coming out. Teaser!

— Jackson


Even with all that convincing teaser talk, the Game Master just couldn’t be fooled! Well, at least they tried, right! Check out the whole hilarious moment as well as more below: