GOT7 Tried To Keep This Special Song A Secret, But Mark & BamBam Blew The Surprise

Ahgase can look forward to hearing this song on tour.

During an interview with BUILD, GOT7 members BamBam and Mark hinted at a special stage that fans could look forward to during GOT7’s upcoming North American tour KEEP SPINNING. At first BamBam keeps it cool, saying Ahgase would have to wait for the show to see what surprises they’d prepared.

Mark, then sheds a little more light explaining that they would be performing a remix of one of their songs, made by none other than BamBam himself.

Once Mark said this, BamBam decided to blow the entire lid off  by revealing that he in fact reworked GOT7’s classic hit song “Stop Stop It”.

I just want to make ‘Stop Stop It’ a little better, and a little cooler, so I tried to remix in my way. And I think it turned out pretty good, so I hope you guys like it.


GOT7’s North American tour KEEP SPINNING kicks off on June 27 in Newark where fans can look forward to hearing BamBam’s remixed “Stop Stop It” as well as a ton of other suprises that GOT7 no doubt has in store.