GOT7 Tries To Imitate “Panda” rapper Desiigner sounds

GOT7‘s outgoing personalities never cease to bring together from people all around the globe.GOT7 has always been very current with their interests in American culture. They pick up on trends and memes in America quickly which is part of why International fans love them so much.

As a group, GOT7 never fails to engage their fans by showing they are fanboys too. This trait has gotten their fans to go to amazing lengths to get them noticed by their favorite Western celebrities. The trend of K-pop fans trying to bridge the gap between their countries musicians and their favorite K-idols has been very successful in creating collaborations.

On After School Club, GOT7 took a stab at imitating Desiigner‘s “brahhhhh” from the song “Panda”. Of course, leading the pack was GOT7’s American trend master, Bambam.

Desiigner, an American rapper, is known to have as much odd charisma as GOT7. His menagerie of odd sounds became a trademark of not only his rapping style but his personality as well.

Maybe this clip of GOT7 will reach Desiigner as well giving them the chance to interact with another musician who inspires them.