GOT7’s Youngjae Gives A Fan Advice As He Encourages Them To Avoid Dieting

He encouraged a dieting fan to take care of herself.

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently hosted a live broadcast for Ahgases in which he prepared a delicious meal of ramen for himself.


While watching him eat the ramen he prepared, an Ahgase confessed that she wished she could eat it too, but she was on a diet. Youngjae read her comment, then encouraged her just to go ahead and make some for herself too.


He asked her why she would be dieting. Whatever the reason was, he feared it was perhaps because she was not pretty enough. He assured her that no matter what, she is perfect the way she is and not to concern herself with others’ opinions.

Why do you try to lose weight? Don’t do it. Why do you do it? You’re pretty. Don’t worry. Nobody can talk about your body.

— Youngjae


Someone tried to counteract him, reminding him that he had gone on diets too. Youngjae then retorted, “I don’t do that these days.”


Whatever you choose to do, it’s your choice, but please take care of yourself!

Source: Image and 영재 (YOUNGJAE)