Story of How GOT7’s Youngjae Helped a Fan Get Home Safely Resurfaces in Korean Online Communities

The fan didn’t know how to get home after attending a GOT7 event in Daegu.

In recent days, a post titled, “An Idol Who Looked up the Train Schedule for One of His Fans” surfaced in Korean online communities, and the star of this topic is none other than GOT7‘s Youngjae.

According to the post, a fan named Ms. A was unable to return home following a GOT7 event in Daegu, so she wrote a message on GOT7’s fancafe expressing her concern.

The message reads, “I live in Gyeonggi Province, and this is my first time coming to Daegu, so I’m really scared.

When Youngjae saw this, he replied, “Where in Gyeonggi Province do you live? I’ll look up the train schedule for you.

In response, the fan told him that she was scared because she was in a strange place and that she had to go to Anyang in Gyeonggi Province.

And Youngjae responded to the fan once again and gave her words of reassurance by saying, “If you keep thinking you’re scared, you’ll feel even more scared! So keep thinking that you’re okay!

He then added, “There’s one coming at 6:42 and there are open seats! Go to the terminal and drink something warm while you wait!” and assisted the fan in need.


Source: Insight