GOT7’s Youngjae Gave A Tour Of His Home, But It Was So Messy He Spent The Whole Time Cleaning

Youngjae is too real.

In a new episode of his vlog, GOT7‘s Youngjae gave fans an exclusive tour of his home. Except, instead of just showing off his home, he hilariously spent half the time cleaning it.

The first part fans got to see was his kitchen. But before we could get a good look at the room, Youngjae seemed to think twice about showing it, saying with a laugh, “Anyway, I need to clean up that area.”

He then tried to show the living room…but there was so much laundry piled up that he ended up folding the laundry instead of showing the room.

He also tried to get some vacuuming done, though the vacuum machine seemed to have other ideas.

Youngjae went play some games on his computer while he waited for the vacuum to charge,—except instead of coming back to vacuum later, he just went to bed and played some more games on his phone. The following day he filmed himself going to work, though he refused to say what he was working on, teasing fans instead by keeping it a secret….

The home tour continued later that evening after he finished work, this time starting with his bedroom. Youngjae himself couldn’t help laughing at how messy it was, even calling it “a literal chaos.”

He then went on to show his walk-in closet, initially claiming that it was actually tidied up…

…before hilariously changing his mind and admitting it wasn’t tidy at all.

Lastly, Youngjae tried to show his private recording studio. Though, once again, he had to do some cleaning first!

He then gave a tour of his studio and showed fans many things, including his piano and his equipment. He hilariously ended the little tour of the room by saying he felt embarrassed to show his workspace because he wasn’t used to having to do that.

With that, Youngjae concluded the tour of his home, but not before trying to explain the messy situation on his couch by saying, “Isn’t it like this for everyone?

While his home was certainly somewhat messy, fans have pointed out that it’s touching to see that Youngjae is not afraid to show parts of his personal life even when they are a bit messy.

And, in any case, his attempts to clean up as much as possible were nothing short of amusing—and relatable! You can watch the full episode of Youngjae’s vlog below.