GOT7’s Youngjae Thought He Was Going To Get A Hug But Jinyoung Had Other Ideas

Mischievous Jinyoung had a totally different idea:

GOT7 just had a successful stop in Newark for their Keep Spinning world tour. Throughout the concert, they left everyone gasping for breath with their jaw-dropping performances and made plenty of amazing memories with fans.


But it wouldn’t be a GOT7 concert without them getting into mischief, and they certainly did! From choosing between units to water bottle fights they kept fans on their toes!


It wasn’t just fans, however, that should have been keeping an eye out for their mischevious members as Youngjae found out! During the concert, Jinyoung made his way towards Youngjae with his arms open wide like he wanted a hug.


But just when Youngjae went in for the hug…well…this happened!


Who knew you had to keep your eyes on your members even when going in for a hug!