GOT7’s Youngjae Shares His Most Memorable Birthday Moment, And It’s Proof Of How Much GOT7 Love Each Other

Youngjae is everyone’s sunshine.

In TWE!REBI episode 32, GOT7‘s Youngjae revealed the behind-the-scenes of his birthday fanmeeting, and throughout the vlog, Ahgases can see how deeply GOT7 love each other.

While most of the members couldn’t celebrate on the day of with him, they all sent him “Happy Birthday” messages. Like the loving leader he is, Jay B was the first to wish Youngjae a happy birthday, with GOT7’s beloved maknae Yugyeom being the second.


To Youngjae’s surprise, Jackson was the third to wish him “Happy Birthday.” Jackson’s the kind of person that takes forever to respond over text (he’s definitely more of a face-to-face conversationalist), but his speedy congratulations touched Youngjae’s heart.

BamBam sent Youngjae a Thom Browne sweatshirt as a birthday gift, but as if the sentiment was too much, he followed up with a request for Youngjae to wear it during his radio show, Youngjae’s Best Friend. All jokes aside, Youngjae promised to wear it, and he was super proud and happy about BamBam’s gift.

Jinyoung and Mark were the last to wish him a happy birthday, and with 6/6 birthday wishes from his members, Youngjae couldn’t have been happier.

Everyone knows that GOT7 share a family-like bond. Because of their tight brotherhood, just being around each other brings them joy, and for Youngjae, the moment he felt it most on his birthday was during their “Lullaby” era.

I think the release day of ‘Lullaby’ is the most memorable birthday for me.

— Youngjae

Because of the busyness that comes with the life of an idol, Youngjae was always working during his birthday. It was difficult to feel like the day was special, especially since there was so much outside of Youngjae that he had to focus on. But when “Lullaby” was released on his birthday in 2018, he finally felt like his birthday was a day of celebration, both because it was a comeback day and because the members made it feel like it was his day. Though he was still hard at work, the love and joy the rest of the members and Ahgases had for him touched his heart, making it his most memorable birthday.

His birthday this year was also super special, especially when Jay B surprised him at his birthday fanmeeting. Youngjae hadn’t expected any of the members to be able to make it with their busy solo schedules, but Jay B proved that wasn’t the case.

You can see the pure love and gratitude on Youngjae’s face because of the overwhelming love he receives from both GOT7 and Ahgases, and his loved ones will make sure that he’ll always feel like he’s the most precious person in the world.

The surprise wasn’t complete without Jay B melting everyone’s hearts with his sweet words.

Please love Youngjae a lot. Well, actually, you’re here (at the fanmeet) because you love him, [and] I’m here because I love him, too.

— Jay B

No GOT7 interaction is complete without some teasing, but even if Jay B didn’t bring a gift (other than himself), Youngjae is more than thankful for his presence and constant support.

May all of GOT7’s birthdays continue to be full of such blessings and love.