GOT7 Created The Ultimate Playlist Of Their Lives But Yugyeom’s Choice Was Too Much For His Members

Yugyeom forgot the lyrics and the rest was history:

GOT7 recently sat down with Teen Vogue to create the ultimate playlist that showcased their lives. While each of the songs held a special meaning to the members, Yugyeom‘s choice was just too much for his members!


When GOT7 chose their songs for the list, they picked a song that meant a lot to them personally. From JB‘s song that made him want to create songs himself…


To Mark‘s choice that even came with a dance demonstration…


Things were going pretty smoothly until it got to Yugyeom. When Yugyeom revealed his choice was Kanye West and Kid Cudi‘s “Feel The Love (Kids See Ghosts)”. Unfortunately for Yugyeom, he couldn’t remember the words so he decided to hum along to the song causing his members to completely lose it!


With his members doubled-up in laughter, Yugyeom once again tried to demonstrate the song with much the same results!

Really? Really? No lyrics?

— Jackson


And even when Yugyeom revealed that reason behind his choice, his members couldn’t help teasing him a little!

Yugyeom: I want to listen to this when I’m down, it’s a stress reliever.

Jackson: And it seems like it’s not working.


Which once again prompted Yugyeom to try to perform the song but to the very end, his hyungs couldn’t stop cracking up over Yugyeom’s cute attempts at showing them the song!


Everyone’s falling in love both with this adorable moment and more so make sure you check out the video below: