GOT7 Declared Yugyeom’s “Lion Boy” Ending An NG And Made Sure He Redeemed Himself

Yugyeom completely forgot he was supposed to be the lion boy:

During their 2019 Japan Our Loop tour, GOT7 have been taking turns being the king of the jungle during their “Lion Boy” performances, with the chosen lion boy doing a special ending pose. But during their most recent stop, well, Yugyeom completely forgot about his position!


When the song came to an end, Yugyeom was supposed to show off his lion boy side. Instead, he completely forgot and ended facing his members!


And when his members saw that, they simply couldn’t resist the urge to tease him. They even declared the moment an NG right in the middle of the concert!


So with an NG officially declared, they decided to they needed Yugyeom to redeem himself and started the music back up.


Luckily, the second time was the charm because Yugyeom totally nailed it even if he was a bit embarrassed at having to redo it!


The hilarious and cute moment might have been embarrassing for Yugyeom, but Ahgase are 100% in love with it!