Ahgases Can’t Help Joking That This “Fanboy” Got Too Close To GOT7’s Yugyeom


One “fanboy” got a little too up close and personal with GOT7‘s Yugyeom, and Ahgases can’t stop joking about it!


GOT7 recently stunned everyone once again at Music Bank and afterward, while waiting for their van, they got to spend some time interacting with fans. This, in turn, led to the meeting between one “fanboy” and Yugyeom!


The fan was spotted closely filming Yugyeom and his close interaction with Yugyeom quickly caught fans’ attention!


So who was this mysterious fanboy that caught everyone’s attention? None other than JB!


After seeing the cute interaction between fanboy JB and Yugyeom, Ahgases couldn’t help but have a little fun with it! Some fans jokingly called out this fanboy for getting too close…


While others playfully asked around for the identity of Yugyeom’s fan!


With so much attention, this cute interaction between Yugyeom and his fanboy, JB, is melting everyone’s heart!