GOT7’s Yugyeom Left Fans In Chaos With A Photo That Has Everyone Wondering If It’s Him Or JB

Fans are begging Mark to help them solve the mystery!

With a single photo, GOT7‘s Yugyeom left the entire fandom rubbing their eyes and questioning who exactly they were looking at!


A few days ago, Yugyeom left a special surprise for fans on his Instagram page. The brand new photo with a simple caption instantly warmed hearts. But that’s not all it did. As soon as the post went up, fans started to wonder who exactly they were looking at!

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Were they really looking at Yugyeom…


Or were they looking at JB?


Since the post went up, Ahgases have been debating which member of GOT7 they were really looking at. Many have pointed out that the clothing style and body proportions look a lot like JB’s.


On the other hand, many other fans are convinced that it’s Yugyeom based on the person’s hands while are arguing that the body proportions only look different because of the style of clothes.


But the more fans look at the picture, the more confused they become. Many Ahgases are positive JB took the photo with Yugyeom’s phone and Yugyeom posted it to troll fans. While others are sure that it truly is Yugyeom in the picture and that he’s just showing off a different style!


Despite not agreeing on JB or Yugyeom, there has been one person that Ahgases have been able to identify in the picture, Mark!


In fact, after successfully identifying Mark, many fans have even been tagging him in the hopes that he will help them solve this mystery for good!


In the meantime, we can all continue puzzling over this mystery. So who do you think is in the picture? Is it GOT7’s leader JB or maknae Yugyeom?