GOT7’s Yugyeom Reveals How BamBam Acts “Differently” When He’s With The Members

This is touching.

GOT7 recently guested on an episode of Weekly Idol, and during the episode, Yugyeom spoke on how BamBam tends to act a bit “different’ when he’s with the members.

GOT7’s Yugyeom
GOT7’s BamBam

Yugyeom revealed that when BamBam is alone with someone, he generally doesn’t talk that much.

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However, when BamBam is with the GOT7 members, then he gets extremely energetic.

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Yugyeom also revealed that when BamBam enters their practice room, he gets excited and tries to bring up the members’ mood. Not only that, but Yugyeom also demonstrated how BamBam tends to walk with long strides when he’s with the members.

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JB then teased BamBam a bit, saying that BamBam tends to walk “arrogantly” when he’s with the members.

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Here’s the full video below!