GOT7’s BamBam Once Had To Name His Siblings, With Surprising Results

It proved trickier than anyone could have imagined.

When many people first here GOT7 BamBam‘s name they assume it’s just his stage name, but in reality, it’s his real name! As every Ahgase knows, BamBam has two names, Kunpimook Bhuwakul and the shorter BamBam. This isn’t all that uncommon in Thailand as parents generally give their children two names because the names are always so long.


In fact, BamBam’s siblings’ names are so long that even he has had trouble remembering them! Fans first learned of this during an episode of Knowing Brothers, when BamBam revealed he struggled with memorizing his oldest brother’s full name.

Honestly, it’s too long. I can’t memorize it. It’s even longer than mine! But, he has a short name as well, it’s Beer.

— BamBam


So to put it to the test, when GOT7 appeared on Idol Room Defconn and Jung Hyung Don proposed a special challenge for the idol. While each of the members had to face their own unique challenge to move onto the weird showcase, BamBam was tasked with correctly saying his siblings’ full names.


At first, his fellow members were a little taken aback at the seemingly easy challenge…


Especially since BamBam was able to say his sister’s name easily!


But when it came to his brothers’ names…


Even thinking long and hard wasn’t working for him!


And when he ultimately failed at saying his second brother’s name, his members were absolutely stunned that he had failed!


After his first failed attempt, BamBam tried giving it a go one more time and successfully named one of his brothers.


But then it was time for him to say his eldest brother’s name, the one that he had mentioned was notoriously hard to remember. Luckily, he managed to say it and pass!


And while BamBam was happy that he remembered their names and passed, he was even more thankful that he didn’t have to name anyone else!