GOT7’s BamBam Transformed A Simple Music Show Stage Into A Full-Blown Zumba Class

BamBam went full Zumba instructor mode during Music Bank

GOT7 brought some serious heat to the Music Bank stage with their jaw-dropping performances of “You Calling My Name” and “Crash & Burn”. While their performances left everyone breathless, it’s one moment from the end of the show that’s left everyone breathless for an entirely different reason!

At the end of Music Bank when all of the artists gathered on stage, the camera panned out to show everyone. But as they did so, eagle-eyed Ahgase noticed something very familiar happening in the very back of the frame…

BamBam‘s Zumba moves! As fans zoomed in on the frame, it was unmistakably BamBam as he attempted to lead the crowd in a mini exercise session!

Throughout GOT7’s Keep Spinning world tour, BamBam turned the stage into his own personal workout studio as he led Ahgase through fun moves. These moves were quickly dubbed BamBam’s Zumba class!

Seeing BamBam pull out those same moves and try them out on the Music Bank stage has Ahgase everywhere cracking up hard! They’re loving the fact that BamBam decided to try his Zumba class out in the middle of Music Bank…

And have been joking that he saw his opportunity for some publicity for his Zumba course and took it!

With the mini Zumba moment at Music Bank continuing to delight fans, it’s only a matter of time before instructor BamBam and his Zumba class take over the world!