GOT7’s Jackson & Jinyoung Are Friendship Goals In This New GOT7 Friendship Test

We all need a friendship like Jackson and Jinyoung.

All the members of GOT7 are very close and like family to each other, but in Glamouor‘s latest Friendship Test featuring the group, Jackson & Jinyoung proved that their friendship is a tier above the rest.

After explaining their first impressions of each other Jinyoung said that Jackson is his teacher in life and best friend.

Jackson said that he’s confident their friendship will last the test of time – Jinyoung is a true-hearted friend for life.

The two had to write two compliments about each other and although their compliments were definitely heart-warming, Jackson said his feelings towards Jinyoung are deep down in his heart and don’t need words.

When the two were tasked with hugging each other for one minute straight they were super comfortable with one another, something that some lifelong friends can’t even achieve.

Jackson and Jinyoung are definitely friendship-soulmates and goals for every single friend group out there. Watch GOT7’s entire Friendship Test below: