Why GOT7’s Jackson Would Make An Amazing Father

Jackson proves he can be an amazing father in the future

GOT7‘s Jackson caught the attention of many who saw the Chinese variety show Let Go of My Baby. 

Let Go of My Baby is quite similar to Korea’s Hello Baby as celebrities are put up to the test of taking care of children. In Let Go of My Baby, celebrities are expected to care of children for a month.

Throughout the show, Jackson displayed several good qualities a father should have.

For one, Jackson was caring and affectionate to the children featured in the show. Whenever the children were crying, scared, tired, or angry, Jackson would be able to comfort them.

Just one example of this is when Hao Hao got scared sleeping alone. From the hallway, Jackson heard the cries and immediately comforted him.

Another reason is that Jackson would always know or sense what the problem was when the children came to him.Whether it was wanting to be cuddled, sleeping troubles, in need of a diaper change, etc, Jackson knew how to solve the situation.

A moment in the show where this can be seen is when Hao Hao randomly visits Jackson’s room. Jackson immediately knew that he would need to use the bathroom and found that he had already peed in his diaper. To that knowledge, Jackson changed Hao Hao’s diaper.

Despite being sweet and patient with the children, Jackson knew when to be assertive (another good quality to have as a father). Of course with small children, there will be moments when they get into some trouble. It’s the parent’s job to then educate the children on what is right and what is wrong.

Without being too harsh and upset, Jackson was able to restrain the children’s bad behavior and let them know what they did wrong.

An example of this comes from when one of the babies, Meow Meow gets in trouble for playing with water. Jackson had already told the children not to turn on the water yet they did.

Jackson figured out a way to stop Meow Meow and calmly tell him why he was wrong. Meow Meow in the end agrees with Jackson that he should have stopped when told.

Not only does the show display Jackson’s fatherly instincts, but he as a person shows it as well. From his hard-working attitude to his playful side, it’s clear that Jackson would be an amazing father in the future.