GOT7’s Jackson Once Hilariously Roasted Park Jin Young…Then Jessi Roasted Park Jin Young Further

Jessi casually dissing Park Jin Young in front of an idol from JYP Entertainment.

On an episode of Radio Star, GOT7‘s Jackson had some interesting thoughts on Park Jin Young‘s dancing.

Since Park Jin Young treats Jackson like a son, it’s as if Jackson is watching his father dancing sexily on stage. Jackson hilariously reveals that it makes him uncomfortable.

Jessi also adds in her thoughts on Park Jin Young’s dancing. She begins by showing her admiration towards Park Jin Young and his dedication to music.

Jessi also remembers some of Park Jin Young’s more extreme stages, where it’s more “steamy”.

Jessi gives her hilarious thoughts on these kinds of stages from Park Jin Young.

Jessi also remembers the performance where Park Jin Young is passionately playing the keyboard. Jessi initially was amazed by this performance.

Some of her thoughts changed once Park Jin Young started playing with his feet.

Jessi hilariously gives some advice to Park Jin Young.

Here is the full video below!