GOT7’s Jackson Once Revealed The Reason Why He Quit Fencing And Chose To Become A K-Pop Idol

Jackson gave up a chance at the Olympics, as well as a good university, in order to become an idol.

GOT7‘s Jackson was born into a family of fencers, so it was only natural that he too would become a fencer.

On an episode of Youth Inn, Jackson went in-depth about his days as a fencer, as well as why quit. In 2008, JYP Entertainment wanted Jackson to come audition for their company, but Jackson was too young at the time to accept.

Jackson’s parents were also very hesitant about this offer, where they thought it was a scam.

In 2010, Jackson was training for the London Olympics, when JYP Entertainment came again.

At this time, Jackson was training to be an Olympic level fencer, and he had a great offer from an American university.

His parents were shocked once Jackson revealed that he wanted to become a K-Pop idol. This shocked his parents because he was leaving a lot of opportunities behind, and Jackson would be going to a foreign country.

Jackson questioned if fencing was the thing that he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He wondered if it was the correct path for him.

Jackson also didn’t want to live a life with any regrets, where he wanted to have multiple unique experiences in his life. These are some of the reasons why Jackson decided to quit fencing.

Here is the full video below!