GOT7’s Jackson Once Roasted Park Jin Young For How Much He Nitpicks During Recordings

Park Jin Young has never once praised Jackson?

GOT7‘s Jackson is quite the savage, as he has no problem roasting people on broadcasts.

Jackson also didn’t have a problem “exposing” Park Jin Young during an episode of Radio Star.

During the episode, Jackson shared that it once took him five hours to finish recording two short lines due to Park Jin Young.

He also shared how the other GOT7 members get done recording in less than an hour, and that he’s the only one that gets constantly lectured by Park Jin Young.

Jackson also stated how Park Jin Young has never praised him when recording.

He also shared that he once purposefully didn’t look at Park Jin Young when he was recording, as looking at him made him feel pressured.

Jackson ended up getting scolded for this by Park Jin Young. He also hilariously told Park Jin Young that looking at him was quite burdensome.

Park Jin Young also once told Jackson to look at him while recording and to imagine him as a woman to get the right feel for the lyrics. When Jackson told him that Beyoncé was his favorite female artist, Park Jin Young told Jackson to imagine that he was Beyoncé, which didn’t work out too well.

Jackson also gave a list of all the things that need to go right when recording with Park Jin Young.

Here’s the full video below!