GOT7’s Jackson Opens Up About His Members and His Solo Career

“In GOT7, you have seven people. It’s like Skittles.”

In an interview with Billboard and Hollywood Reporter, GOT7‘s Jackson opened up about his members and his solo endeavors.

In his interview with Billboard, Jackson first mentioned how he would spend half his time in Korea to be with GOT7, and he’d spend the rest of his time in China to create his own music.

He says when GOT7 rests, he will go to China for his own music. When his employees of Team Wang in China need to rest, he will return to Korea. He says it’s difficult because he has to fit a year’s schedule into six months, but he’s fine with it because he loves what he’s doing.

He was then asked how he balances being GOT7’s Jackson and Jackson Wang, the soloist.

I think it’s the same. I would say the most different part is the genre of music, maybe.

Jackson compares GOT7 to Skittles, saying

In GOT7, you have seven people. It’s like Skittles. You get all the flavors, you get what I mean?

With Jackson as a soloist, however, it’s only him.

Let’s say I’m red. You get my flavor exclusively.

Jackson also opened up about how different the creative processes are. In K-Pop, he has to fit the style of the group and has to listen to the company’s thoughts on what kind of music should be produced. With Team Wang, however, he is free to do things the way he wants.

When talking about GOT7 releasing solo songs in their 2018 album Present: You and Present: You and Me, he says it was his idea to allow the members to show their own color.

I was talking with the whole team, my members and the staff at the company, JYP [Entertainment]. I was just saying, “We’ve been releasing so many songs, but don’t you think it’s time to show our own colors in our album for our fans, and to the people who don’t really know who we are? To show them all the different colors that we have in our GOT7 album.”

He claims he had worked extremely hard for his solo songs since it was his first time releasing how own solo work in Korea. He says his past solo work could not be released in Korea due to “issues”.

I was more ambitious about the song that was going to be included on the GOT7 albums because it was my first time in Korea– All the stuff that I’m releasing right now isn’t released in Korea. It’s released everywhere else aside from Korea and Japan because of issues.

In his interview with Hollywood Reporter, Jackson was asked what his members think of his solo career.

They’re very supportive and encouraging. They’re like, “If you believe this is right for you, you’ve got to do it.”

He also says that everyone is working hard to open up more doors for one another. There are instances where certain members have better opportunities and can pull them up as a group. This allows the group to elevate and grow.

It’s good to hear that GOT7 is so supportive of Jackson’s solo career.